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Next Healtcare Solutions is a physician enablement organization that owns and operates MSSP, REACH ACOs, Medicare Advantage MSO, and Commerical VBC Contracts.


Our Brand Pillars

Empowering you by keeping your practice independent, giving you more time to care for your patients.

  • AUTONOMY: Keep independent practices independent, empowering you to have better control over your practice.
  • THRIVE: Through Value Based Care, both your practice and patients flourish.
  • PROTECT: The power of the network protects you against financial risk.

Savings to CMS

Shared Savings


Overall Quality Score

Why Choose Us

Started in 2012, now caring for over 35,000 Medicare and 15,000 Commercial Patients Across the Following Regions

We take immense pride in achieving a remarkable 95% in quality scores and outcomes.

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan

We Currently Operate 3 ACOs and 1 ACO REACH, MSO and IPA

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Managing Over 140 Practices and 700 Practitioners

Opportunities to Participate in Other Value-Based Care Programs.

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ACO Reporting

Explore our ACO public reporting platform, where transparency intersects with healthcare excellence. We embrace the notion that well-informed patients and stakeholders become empowered partners in their healthcare journey. With a steadfast commitment to openly sharing crucial performance metrics, outcomes, and quality measures, we strive to foster trust and collaboration in the pursuit of optimal healthcare outcomes.

Do You Wish To Join An ACO, But Don't Know Where To Start?

NEXT Healthcare Solutions helps navigate Primary Care Physicians through the process of practicing independently, offering the necessary tools and guidance to effectively implement value-based payment models.

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Our Services

Centralized Analytics

Next Healthcare Solutions has developed the analytics to report and submit quality scores to CMS and provide each practice with a Claims Dashboard that priorotizes patients that need attention.

Extended Care Team

As a member practice of the ACO, a Local Clinical Care Coordinator will visit your practice and coach you and your staff on the best practices of risk coding and patient care coordination.


When you join Next Healthcare Solutions, you can choose to be participate in the board meetings where we review the evolving policy landscape from CMS and how independant practices need to evolve to stay ahead of the curve.


It's an amazing organization that I've seen grow from the beginning. The support provided there is exceptional, from top to bottom.

Dr. Desai, MD

Nilesh Desai, MD

Internal Medicine

They've made us more aware of patients' health, covering cancer screening, disease control, prevention, and broader healthcare, especially in primary care.

Dr. Ibraim, MD

John Ibraim, MD

Family Medicine

We highly recommend joining their ACO for its well-organized structure and Dr. Chowdappa's exceptional leadership.

Dr. Terrone, MD

Daniel A. Terrone, MD

Internal Medicine

Their system gives us a list of patients that are missing things that I might not have realized when I'm seeing them in the office and doing many other things. Like if somebody missed their mammogram.

Judith Noel, MD

Family Medicine

They adeptly coordinate patient care, specializing in Chronic Care Management for hospitalized individuals. Their proficiency extends to managing business and governmental facets like Medicare and CMS.

Joel M. Nunag, MD

Family Medicine

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